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A Leading Developer of Microsoft-Based Solutions Used By Health Care Providers Across the United States
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CareVoyant — Consistently A Step Ahead
At CareVoyant, we believe the adoption of integrated health care solutions based on the latest Microsoft technology is the most effective way for providers to adapt to a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. CareVoyant clinical, financial and business intelligence solutions are the result of over a decade of close collaboration with health care providers — and an unwavering commitment to streamline workflow, improve quality of care and optimize reimbursement.
Listening to the needs of health care providers, CareVoyant has aggressively applied Microsoft technologies to develop a unique, layered architecture that consolidates clinical, financial, Point of Care and business intelligence functions in a single solution that connects the continuum of care. By simplifying front-end data gathering, automating back-office workflow and pro-actively alerting users of the occurrence of important clinical and business events, CareVoyant overcomes obstacles that have prevented health care automation in the past.

Since we introduced our first medical billing software solution in the early 1990s, CareVoyant has consistently leveraged the latest Microsoft technologies to empower healthcare providers at the point of contact. Providers across the U.S. rely on CareVoyant software to automate their clinical and business workflow, streamline communications between providers, patients and payers and continuously improve quality of care.

CareVoyant solutions integrate and consolidate clinical, financial and administrative functions required across three major segments of the U.S. healthcare continuum:

Company Continuum

In facilities ranging from physician groups and medical billing services to home health agencies, hospices, nursing homes and Continuous Care Retirement Communities, CareVoyant solutions meet the most rigorous clinical documentation, billing and compliance standards. Additionally, CareVoyant business intelligence tools promote best practices by monitoring key performance indicators, exceptions and trends that help facilities improve care and optimize reimbursement.

CareVoyant brings together people, processes and systems in an unprecedented manner to deliver on the promise of providing timely, accurate flow of information that improves operations and delivers significant cost savings to healthcare organizations.

Successful Technology Adoption
At CareVoyant, we believe that the successful implementation and continuous improvement in the way healthcare providers use our software is just as important as the sophisticated engineering that goes into our products.

CareVoyant implementation, support and technical services staff ensure smooth roll-out and ongoing support for your CareVoyant solution. Our project management methodology validates your new solution before the transition is made from your legacy system. Ongoing training and support and our annual User Group Conference - are all designed to help clients develop and adopt best practices that ensure financial and clinical success.

An Open, Dynamic Culture
At CareVoyant, we believe that our role is to listen to health care providers and translate your everyday observations, ideas, needs and requirements into practical solutions that result in business and clinical excellence. We accomplish this by emphasizing open communication, collaboration, respect for individuals and the achievement of common goals.

CareVoyant is about building and maintaining a culture of success. Teamwork - among and between CareVoyant and our clients - is our chosen path for getting there. We foster a dynamic professional environment and an unceasing dedication to continuously improving the way we and our clients do business - and use CareVoyant to deliver quality health care to patients.

We believe an investment in CareVoyant software and services establishes a relationship - and that it's our responsibility to nurture that relationship. By striving to provide the most advanced software, consultation, training, support and in the industry, we ensure your success and our own.

  • Healthcare Clinical Application(EHR) Specialist/Trainer - Home Health
  • Healthcare Billing Application Specialist/Trainer
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CareVoyant, Inc.
1933 North Meacham Road, Suite 310
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
Info Tel: 1-847-925-9148
Sales Tel: 1-888-463-6797
Fax: (847) 925-9419


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